Life With Mary

I’ve discovered that everyday is quite a piece of work in itself. Outside of the normal happens everyday. Like when your 14 year old gets in the car from school and asks, “How many times a year do you have to go to the doctor and get the female thing done?”

Um… face mom….responds calmly…”What does that mean?” “Well, the girls at school said you have to go and get this metal thing stuck up in your every other month!” Of course she’s kind of frantic…..yes because it sounds crazy and scary!

I’m learning that my initial response dictates the positive or negative outcome of these conversations….so even if in my mind, I’m going crazy!!! My approach is to first ask a question when I get a weird question.

So, I asked what was the topic? I soon learned and discovered they meant a “pap”. I’m glad that I have a open relationship with my children. I simply told her ,”Girl, I don’t know what their doing….but I only go once a year!” Maybe if you have a lot of sexual partners it requires that….but its just me and your dad….This is how I get my plug in for marriage is better!!

She later comes in and says,”Mom, I’m so glad I can talk to you. I feel so much better, this stuff they say at school is crazy! I was scared to death, but I’m good now.”

And that’s just a small 30 min snapshot of a 24hr day convo in the Life of Mary…..

Until next time…..I’m Out!

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