Natural Hair-The Hype and Your Type

There is so much to say about “natural hair“. Don’t get me wrong, I’m natural ALL the way, have been most of my life. Now,  did I know how to take care of my hair….different story! The first “shock and awe” statement I learned was that textured, kinky, curly, wavy, and tightly coiled hair needs H20 water…..Um, that was the biggest revelation after 20+ years of straightening my hair bone straight and running from every storm or drop of water about to hit the pavement.

I think after the last 7 years the Natural Hair Industry has created more entrepreneurs as it ever expands, from products, to blogs, to bonnets, head wraps, moisture retention hats for the winter and cooler months. I mean it is huge! I love it! However, the list of products go on and on and on, probably longer than Dorothy’s yellow brick road. Ha, how do you find what’s right?  Yes, I know I sell products but I still hear people asking, what products do I use when I’m out and about in Costco, Target, Walmart, etc.  It’s always followed by I have so many products under my sink and I can’t figure out why my hair won’t act right?

It can be an overwhelming feat….but you can settle into a nice regiment without all of the hype. Now, I do like to try different products, as I’m color treated, I like big hair, and I like shiny hair!  All of the shine on some of these pics are not vivid in up close and personal meetings.  TRUTH!

I still and will continue to say that the LOC Method is and will continue to be a winner for me!

I use a creamy leave in (meaning thick, white, and lotiony), I follow with my styler (either a gel or a cream) and I always always seal with my butter (Double Butta/Styling Hair Butter). My hair just needs it and it stays healthy and moisturized even with red color!

I don’t really think your texture matters whether, 3a-4c.  I think it matters in how much of a product you put on your hair that will determine the look, feel and how long it lasts as a style. And that’s just something learned by trial and error.

I like natural based gels that are like flaxseed texture. I have fine hair and don’t want it weighted down on me.  In the pic on this post that what I used. And yes, my hair is pretty shiny and soft.  I don’t like the dessert flower look…DRY, DRY, DRY.

Hair type is hype to me, I boil it down to thick, thin, fine, soft, or coarse.  But there is hope! And sometimes you need to change products as the season changes. I do. I’ve switched to a curl cream for my big fluffy fro, sealed with my butter and I’m a 70’s baby all the way fro’ing down the street.  A red afro is definitely a statement. But you know natural hair is about the confidence of the person, woman, lady, teenager, boy or girl who’s rocking’ it.

That’s my take…..I’m Out

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