What’s the deets on body scrubs?  You see body scrubs everywhere with tons of ingredients from salts to sugars, various oils, colors and scents. So, you may say what’s they hype or benefit of having a scrub.


First, lets talk uses. You can use scrubs on your face and body.  I use them especially as in the Fall and Winter Seasons on my hands and skin to help remove the layers of dead skin cells, which then prepares my skin to really be more receptive to moisture.   I love using scrubs on my heels, who doesn’t want baby feet, right? You can use it on your face if you have dry skin or wear makeup to exfoliate.


Now, we know what it does, lets discuss the sequence.  I had a customer ask me, so….do you use it replacing soap?  No!  I use scrubs as a finisher in my showering routine, post my body or soap wash.  I love the soft shimmer my skin has when I’m done.  Then my skin just loves on the body butter and the feeling of clean is unbelievable with this moisture packed combo.

  1. SOAP   or BODY WASH
  2. SCRUB

The results glistening moisturized skin.    Feel free to check out our lush body scrubs on our page.  http://www.Naturalsis72.com