When it comes to a bonnet or scarf for night time it’s good to know the difference.

Sateen is a blend of cotton and satin and leaks moisture right through.


Sateen is the primary material used for bedtime hair accessories which are on the $2 isle in the beauty supply. In addition, the cotton elastic band can lead to thinning edges… this is a “no bueno” for me!


When looking for a quality nighttime hair accessory you want to hone in on the type “charmeuse” satin. Huge difference in the benefits to your tresses. This is a French based name meaning a lightly woven satin weave. It has a cross over of float threads that provide a luxury smooth top and the back a dull finish on the back.


It is quite a beautiful fabric and can really make your downtime look and feel pretty.

For beautiful handmade accessories click the link below.