Detangling Hair Without A Fight.



When bringing up the subject of detangling hair…generally it is followed by a sigh or a roll of the eyes because of the time and effort and many times difficulty involved. Now, I don’t have a magic method of getting through. But you can ease the pain with the correct products and tools. And of course a good product with “slip”. Slip means that it helps your hair easily detangle and does NOT clump your curls but loosens the texture enough to have a smooth ride for your brush or comb.

When they created this product……it literally saved my life!! I love the Tangle Teaser….at first it is a little awkward holding it due to the shape of the brush, however its easy breezy once you get the hang of it.  It comes in really cool colors and I always pair it with my Tangles No More…..which is an All-In-One product which detangles, a leave in conditioner, and a curl refresher. Don’t you just love that?? I do, it really helped eliminate A LOT of tears and ouches from my daughters.  I am totally with the mom’s who are trying to get their daughter’s hair done with ease and quiet.  I also pair these two sometimes with a wide tooth comb to get stubborn tangles. You can check out my Tangles No More On the Hair and Skin Page or click this link.

You can click this other link for a cute Tangle Teaser   I have the purple glitter and a pink one.

This product works on all types of hair curly, thick, dense, and fine (use gently) as always.  Just take your time because any hurried hair style time can add tension and stress.  Feel free to comment below or if you have questions.