My first three days after Thanksgiving are a blur because I just eat any and everything in between processing orders, updating my site and running Naturalsis72. Yep I gained 2lbs. So, of course Monday I’m exhausted and unlike most people, LOL …I eat when I’m stressed and tired… But when I’m in that state I really can’t hear phrases or suggestions like …”Mom, should you be eating those chips?” Or “It’s kind of late to be eating that right ?” from my husband  which in return gets an evil eye response….

I’m like ok, then make me a salad, stop eating ice cream in front of me …

Well, needless to say I’m a self motivated and self determined Chica, I have to own it and go get it.
So, I got my caboose up on Wednesday and said, “ I will walk 2 miles on the treadmill while I watch “Twist and Curl” hair videos. YASSS!!!! It got me through. Then I watched and worked out with a Jessica Smith Tv strength workout.
Victory #2. I also made out a short and hopeful meal plan for just one day….

The Struggle Is On when it comes to food….

Food Ideas
Eggs with peppers and spinach cheese.
Chocolate Protein Shake with Natural Peanut Butter Fat Free Cool Whip
Cutie Oranges
Air Popped PopCorn
Chicken with Mixed Greens and Balsamic Dressing Homemade with Blue Cheese Crumbles
Orange Sherbert 1 cup.

And that’s all folks, pretty straight forward, not super healthy, but not super unhealthy. Its like Robin Thicke’s Song “It’s My Life, My Journey Day by Day……

Pinterest has great meal planning ideas. See the attached link.

Later Dolls….Signed Me  

Raw, Unfiltered and Real……