Yes, it is true that you can be a product maker and can still be a “Product Junkie“. Black Friday was an opportunity to purchase from new companies, some of their moisturizers to pair with my whipped butters to style my hair. As the products roll in I demonstrate how two pair them, providing time permits so you can see my hair moisturizing power pack. I actually recorded a VLOG to show how I pair and the benefits. Also,  check out the list of my favorite companies to purchase from.  I’ve tried these different combinations and it never comes up with  flakes or shakes….lol meaning they are good to go with my butter.  Yes, I do promote my butter!!! Believe me when I boast on layering products to get that shine on and to keep that moisture barrier.  Loving shiny and moisture packed curls vs “dessert flower naturals”, meaning your hair only shines when you have a super flash on your camera. We’re talking about day in and day out living life and having your hair on point even when the style is “so so”.  Check out the video below and comment on it or ask questions.

Thank you

Dears and Divas