My Hair Color Journey From 2013-2017y.   

    Vidal Sassoon Box Color -2017

First off, I’ve been seeing gray hairs since my late 20’s. I’ve been through a few color process changes to keep the gray at bay. I’ve gone through the Ms. Clairol box color stage and so forth, and when that wasn’t enough to give me that popping’ vibrant color, I opted for MORE! After looking at daily pics of naturals with colored hair on social media, which can sometimes be dangerous and a great influence. I decided to go the way of all BLEACH to get those super cute red highlights. It was so pretty and I’m not that dedicated to super deep conditioning, so after a couple times going to have it professionally done, I think I finally learned my lesson. Especially, when bald spots appeared and freaked me out. I then proceeded to chop all of the colored hair off in July 2016 and rock a tapered cut with no color at all for about 6 months.




However, I still couldn’t rock the gray, so I looked for a safer option to cover the gray’s without compromising the health of my hair as previously. So, I proceeded with semi permanent …..FAIL…. it did nothing to cover the grays. A friend recommended the Vidal Sassoon Vibrant Red. It did the trick in combination with me upping my game in the care of my hair. Once you hit the 40’s you’ve got to be careful. Now I have a vibrant red tones throughout my hair which is actually the red box color popping my gray hair. So check out this video on my process. Let me know your thoughts. I may embrace my natural color in about 20 years….lol. Lessons learned….from a mature natural. Until next time.