While growing up, the flat iron i.e. pressing comb  along with good old “Blue Magic” was our way of caring and preparing our hair for our daily routine of life.  However, as I moved to Texas from California, I began to experience a massive amount of broken 1-2 inch pieces of hair in my sink.  I had been box coloring my hair since I was about age 29 to cover my grey hair.  So, with the flat iron, no water, hard Texas water, petroleum products and hair color……I was on a hard crash coarse to loosing hair and many many tears. Something had to be done……My question was “Lord, help me with my hair!!”  As a African American lady, we all know that our hair is a TOP priority in our community.  As I prayed daily, watching my hair go down the sink, I continued to use the same techniques on my two daughters hair then 7 and 3 years. What was I to do, I never had any understanding of black hair care.  I had never heard of a “hair product”, which is simply crazy to me now!


The big moment was when I attended my family reunion in 2011 and my cousin gave a class on caring for “Black Hair”.  She introduced the concept that our hair needs …….WATER….a totally foreign concept when you’ve spent your entire life running from rain, humidity, and any other weather promoted water sources.  So, I came home with a new determination that I was going to learn.


I went to a natural hair stylist that recommended I begin to twist my hair with Miss Jessie’s curly pudding…..smile…..however, I really couldn’t afford a product like that on a long term.  At the same time my girls suffered from severe eczema. This began my online journey through Youtube to learn how to create a lotion for their skin.  This is truly when Naturalsis72 was born.


Now, with a little knowledge on my hands, I learned about satin bonnets and I ran to the beauty supply for $2 bonnets for us with the cotton bands, until I learned this wasn’t the best.  I said…”Self….you can make your own bonnets”, and that’s just what I did, with my newly learned sewing skills in 2012.

From there, I began to offer my products on Etsy and on a website to various moisture retention related products of butters, satin bonnets, scarves, satin lined beanies and so forth. I love my business and that I’m able to provide custom services and a variety of patterns and interact with my customers.

I’m finally getting comfortable with not dying my hair every four weeks to cover my grays. I’m not in my 30’s anymore and need to embrace that I’m not going to keep up with all the selfies on Instagram, I’ve enjoyed those younger years of my life and career. I still will color my hair with the top priority health of my hair and I move towards my late 40’s confidently enjoying this season of having a daughter almost off to college and a middle schooler….lol

I’m so blessed with what I’ve been able to create with my bare hands and I thank you for your support of my business all these years.