I’ve been sleeping on a satin pillowcase for over seven years now and my skin really loves me for it! Before I knew all of the hum drum technical benefits of satin, I realized how much better and much more relaxing my sleep has become. As you get older, things tend to dry out like skin and hair more than when you are younger, so I’m willing to work against that factor with quality products that reverse dryness effecting my moisture.

When you’re sleeping on satin, it allows your face to glide as you toss in turn, its more like riding in a luxury car verses in a jeep (cotton).  It prevents your skin from having lines and folds.  I used to wake up with lines on my face, but I really didn’t notice until a few years of ago that I don’t deal with that anymore. I think sometimes the rough tossing and turning on cotton can cause swelling also if your skin is aggravated enough.  And ya’ll folks know as a hard as women work , “we need our sleep!” Because when I hit the ground running for the next day I need my body to have had the best sleep and slumber that I can get.

I’ve come up with a cool new feature for my cases.  I have a loose drawstring to enclose the pillow, which sometimes can slide out and the cotton can end up on your face. Well not anymore.  I love it, because the loose string ensures that the pillow FULLY stays in the case.

I want my skin to stay luscious and clear and my satin pillowcases help keep me there! So, there you have it, satin is great for skin moisture and prevention of hair frizzing and breaking, an all around great fabric for your health and beauty needs.