I have found consistently that if I stray away from my “loc method” I’m back to thirsty desert curls.  The loc method, is a way to ensure that our black often pronged to dryness hair keeps shine and moisture. Once, I discovered this then I began to formulate products to help me achieve this moisture.  The Tangles No More Leave-In Detangler helps moisturize and condition our tresses, with an awesome slip property so your fingers or comb can glide through and melt the knots away. This was a must have for my tender headed girls. Then I follow up with any of my butters.  They vary in thickness and ingredients.

The Styling Hair Butter has a light hold, but can get the job done when it comes to shiny twist outs and sealing in moisture.

The Moisture Max Butter can hold its weight anywhere, with a smoothing thickness that won’t weigh your hair down, but for my super curly more textured sista’s, this will take you a shine and seal that you can really appreciate.

The Decadence Butter is an all purpose, hair and body butter, with rich butter properties, that assist with dry scalp and dry skin.  Loaded with Cocoa Butter and other lux butters to provide that creamy effect that seals and locks in the moisture.

Then you complete the entire LOC Method by protecting your moisture with a quality satin scarf or bonnet, to ensure your moisture doesn’t seal into your pillow.

If you are enduring dry hair, these simple steps can help you transform your dry hair journey into a moisture packed relief.   All these products can be found in our shop.