How to find the correct products for your curls, kinks, and tresses can be somewhat troublesome. However, with persistence, you  can get there…it is not an unachievable tasks.  We went through a cycle of products including stylers and moisturizers and a good trim of all relaxed ends for my friend to achieve the confident and curly look she desired. When searching for products, its always good to mix moisturizers and stylers on your skin to see if they mix clear, or if they clump into white balls, this is a no-bueno. I talk to my natural sisters, and see what they are using, that is how I came up with my combination of products. I currently use a leave in, my Decadence Buttercream (on my website), and Uncle Funky’s Curly Magic and this does the trick. I alternate with Mielle Organics Smoothie, my Moisture Max Butter, and The Honey Pomegranate Gel.  I alternate between these two product line ups to help keep my tresses, moisturized and shiny during the 100′ temps we are already experiencing without looking like a desert flower….lol.  I refresh my curls with the hydration spray and it gives my curls and scalp a mid week boost.

So never fear and don’t intimated to mix and mingle your products, use the skin test and you can up  with a winning combo.