Are you struggling with fluctuating heat waves in your city and dry hair? No matter if you are in Seattle or New York, maintaining moisturized hair can still be a challenge even for the most seasoned naturals. Well how to deal with this situation is the question?

  1. No Heat Styling-No Bueno– The flat iron really needs to be put on the back burner (lol) until at least September. Although, Natural’s may opt for straight styling at times, this is a no bueno and works totally against your moisture routine in combination with these massive hot temperatures. So, all flat irons should be on “sleep mode” until Fall.
  2. Reduce Wash Frequency -if you wash your hair more than once a week…..this could be damaging, due to the normal cleansing agents in shampoo, which can cause a drying effect. Try to even stretch your wash times to 10-14 days…to limit your hairs exposure to drying agents.
  3. Lightweight Conditioning -No No-I’m not a strong deep conditioner,  don’t have time…not getting back in the shower, not interested….and with colored hair, I definitely need to ensure my curls are conditioned with love.  I love love love Aussie Moist This is my “Boo”, it is just so bomb! I’ve tried the expensive pricey conditioners and always default back to this, and the price keeps me smiling also. It’s thick, creamy and gives my hair a huge boost.
  4. Sure LOC Styling-Lastly, make sure your moisturizer has “water” as the first ingredient and be sure to use a rich creamy -NON water based sealer like any of the luscious butter products on our site.

Follow these tips and be sure to check out other sure fire products to keep your moisture in tact and lovely in this heated summertime.

Happy Summer

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