I love watching young bloggers and influencers on Instagram and Youtube, with luscious huge curly wash n go’s and enormous twist outs. Loving how they share their children’s and babies pictures, however I’m totally in a different season. I’m in  the teenage merged with middle age season. Yes, teens and 40’s blend at the same time. God did this on purpose, not sure why, but everybody is in the midst of hormone and hair changes. The teens are learning how to maintain their hair, and the mom’s are trying to hold on to their hair, while battling between the question “Do I embrace the gray or keep coloring”.

I saw a friend at church complemented on her new short cut and how curly it was, because she always rocks a perm/straight style.  She responded, “I had to, because I’m going through these hot flashes and after sweating all night this is what my hair looks like in the morning. So I’m embracing this!”

Although, we know that we all can step out styling and super sophisticated with top name brand bags and awesome outfits, but these middle age issues are still lurking in the background. Well, how to we handle this with grace and survival??

Personally, I notice more shedding than I’m comfortable and it is concerning. I don’t color my full head of hair very often, just the edges with a pretty safe box color, because I’m just not comfortable with my amount of grey hair at my age of 46. I don’t want to be introduced as my hubby’s grandmother…..lol. I’m not there yet, however, I don’t want to loose hair either. It is such a paradox. My hair still grows….thankfully and I don’t have any bald spots, thank God! So, I’m making small adjustments…everyone is different. Some of my friends are completely cycle free, but they have hot flashes…..I have a cycle, my hair, and no hot flashes.   I just try to do the things I know to be right, exercise, drink water, and eat 80% clean. That doesn’t mean that I don’t occasionally eat chips or ice-cream, I just don’t gouge….

Solutions, I keep the moisture on point DAILY, because the grey is pronged to dryness. I use the Tangles No More relentlessly, which is packed with infusing biotin conditioner and awesome oils. I also don’t do a lot of twist outs, and manipulation, pretty much a wash n go while its short.  Weaves are the total enemy of your edges, so I would stay away from this and utilize protective updo’s with your own hair… We’ll I’ll keep you posted, chime in if you have any comments.  I do shampoo and condition with Nioxin, however, I can’t say that I see a huge difference but it feels great on my hair. Stay tuned….