Although, the natural hair movement continues to evolve, whether we see natural hair style on  Red Carpet Premiers or on everyday commercials, it still can be a challenge. A challenge of whether we as women of color have the confidence to wear our diverse curls into the workplace or out and about. I used to feel as though, my only hair style option was to wear twists for fear of making others uncomfortable around me when it came to wearing my afro or more free styles.  I was wearing my hair in its curly state for about three years before, I began to say “self” you need to rock what God gave you! And sadly this was in my late 30’s.  I have met so many women during my hair journey and having my natural hair business, who are just now seeing their “natural-born” curls in their 40’s either because they have had relaxers and straightened hair since they were about 8-10 years old. That’s just how our parents felt our hair was acceptable to society and styled our hair as such. I’m so grateful that I got my “CONFIDENCE” while my little girls were very young (three and six years old) so that I could learn and educate them at the same time! It has been and still continues to be a journey, against the status quo. I love that my business caters to women who love their curls and want to help them endure dry harsh weather, workouts, and the workforce. Not, that the journey is easy….but even through life changes as a Generation Xer, I love my grey curls, or color red curls. I love how our customers CONFIDENTLY rock their styles with our products and I’m so grateful that our business meets a serious moisture need!  One of our customers shared that, “She loves how our shop creates unique satin lined hats to cater to curly hair women.”  The compliments speak so much life into the creativity we infuse into our designs. From our oversized satin lined shower caps,

to our satin lined caps that our customers rock for years, because they maintain their style .

Our east coast divas are serious about their style game and curl maintenance like this CONFIDENT curly from Philly, rocking her satin lined hat from about four seasons ago.  So, when it comes to your moisture game for Fall and Winter, cuteness never has to be compromised.  Please feel free to send in your pictures on my Instagram or to for a feature. Love you!!