We all can be sure that along with gorgeous sweaters, puff coats, fab scarves and snazzy boots……comes the inevitable…..dry skin and hands. If you have healthy hand washing habits….which we all should, you’ve definitely got dry hands.  Just like a beach and sand pair together so does colder temps and dryness, can’t  have one without the other. However, we need to deal with it, because water based lotions just won’t get you through these seasons. You need to click  on the Hair and Skin Tab  (because you’re probably on your cellphone) to a handcrafted body butter retailer including our SHOP NATURALSIS72 that is serious about their game and really knows how to do some serious crafting of organic butters. Simple body butters with top heavy oils may help you some, but to really seal those dry hands you need a serious butter. I mean products with Cocoa, Shea, Mango and other butters as the top main ingredients, with some oils to smooth them together. Be sure to check out our Decadence Buttercream, it is the “truth” and can hold its own against any  Body Shop Product. https://naturalsis72.com/product-category/hair-and-skin/ Now, technique is also very important when washing your hands. You must leave your hands slightly damp, because this is “key” to lock in moisture.  Follow up by immediately sealing with your heavy buttercream. That will set you right and it won’t hurt to always have a pair of gloves with you. Target has them for for about $2-$4. I have every color and keep them in my tote all the time. This should help you weather the chilly Fall and Winters. Also, keep a portable jar of butter at your desk and continue to moisturize throughout the day. This will bash the ash and fight off the alligator skin.  Feel free to share this with a friend so all you can enjoy the season with happy skin.