Have you found yourself rushing into the shower, sliding on your shower cap, it is 45′ degrees outside, so you know your tresses better not get wet. After last night’s careful moisturizing and setting your style for today, wet hair doesn’t play. However, diligent you attempt to be in cover your entire curlies, you find after your shower that a small section above your neck wasn’t quite covered! Darn that too small beauty supply cap. It never works, especially as hair grows and styling changes. This is not fun, especially in the mid Winter, you can kind of slide by during Spring and Summer because it will dry. But this spells for disaster in the Winter, you cannot play with wet hair especially if you reside in the North/East and Eastern Seaboard of the US, which a majority of our customers do….smile. That is where our Oversized Satin Lined Shower Caps pop into the mix. Created to alleviate the some times exposed hairs, this baby covers it all, unless you have 20 inch locs and then it still will probably take care of you! Our caps are really cute and lined with our smooth satin interior. Easy to wash and hang, very carefree and so useful. Be sure to check them out as we continue to release new prints weekly. This is one accessory you need in your life! Happy Hair, happy life. Be sure to check them outhttps://naturalsis72.com/product-category/oversized-shower-caps/.