For my entire life I have had thriving long or full hair….until I reached the age of 45. That year was a doozy for my hair process. Frustration and depression, got to me at times. I couldn’t figure out what was going on until I surrounded and began to spend more time with my 40+ age year sistas. Then I began to get ALOT of revelation of how crazy the body begins to act. It was very reassuring and helpful. Now, I see why so many women have shorter cuts. For manageability, through the thinning process or hot flashes and whatever else comes along with this time of life. There is no preparing for it and no one warns you like …” hey Sis, when you get in your mid 40’s, this may start to happen”, you just wake up and you’re in the middle of it, trying to survive like a light raft going through rapids. So in order to deal, I cut my afro into a tapered style, much to my husbands dislike…….But I had to do it….to ease the pain of the shedding. Plus you know, we still gotta be cute, no matter what’s going on inside. We are fierce and strong as women, and although challenges comes, we amour up and fight back! My husband, children, support group and God have been everything to me. That has helped me immensely. Anyway, I love the tapered cut because it’s very fashionable, easy going, and less manipulation( the main key). I’ve had to learn how to style it and its almost like starting the natural hair journey over….but its been cool. I’ve also switched up to use mousse products, which are not as heavy and mix with my Tangles No More and Hair Butters for max moisture. I’ve tried to give up coloring my hair……just can’t do IT! Not ready…..gray hair looks beautiful on everyone but me. Even when I have my 1 inch of gray in between coloring sessions, I get compliments…..still not ready….lol! We all have issues and bridges, we need to cross. In the end, I love the Tapered Cut, it works, it rocks, and meets my needs in this season of life. Are any of you struggling with mid season life changes? Don’t worry …..we’ll get through it!!! Hang in there, we will continue to adjust and triumph. Enjoy your day!!