I don’t know about you but, its is just weird that even in 90′ plus temps my body is already letting me know the seasons are about to change. My hands are drier, my hair needs more moisture, too. And that is just very interesting to me. In a recent study it says that our bodies will put on more weight naturally during the colder months as a way to keep us warmer. I’m not sure most of us like this, but our bodies and hair are some of the most amazing creations. We are in awe of the sunsets and falling stars, but in truth, I think we are just spectacular in how God created us! That being said, you may want to get out the thicker products, my hands, my hands, my hands…..are always so dry. I totally rely on my butters, I have a quick go to in my purse/tote sitting on ready, some in my kitchen and of course it is part of my post showering routine. A good jar of our butters can really put down some ash, especially if you are a germaphobe like myself who washes her hands a hundred times a day. I drink a lot of water…..which means plenty of restroom trips. So check out our products and get subscribed to our sales flyers. Nothing like saving a few good coins to use for other needed items. Check out our thick skin lovin’ butter variety. Love ya’ Mary https://naturalsis72.com/product-category/hair-and-skin/

These Butters Can Put A Hurting On The Ash Factor!