As winter sweeps across the country, we all realize that our hands, skin, and hair are going to cut up if we don’t react and protect. Cold weather can be a beast on elbows and heels…truly. So, we have to take measures and not just grab the vaseline….which in truth doesn’t quite hit the spot. We should grab our satin lined hats, which will be offered again this year along with new designs such as sports teams. And pair that with a SERIOUS body butter that has some staying power. All butters are NOT equal, when you use our butter you will know the truth and it will set you free. Some have more oil than butter, and that’s cool, I’m not knocking, but I know how my skin and hair will straight shut down on me if I don’t respect it with quality and care. So that’s where the rubber meets the road with our satin lined hats and hair and skin products. Our winter scents that are forth coming are just so “scent-sational”! I had too much fun creating this line, my fave is the Pina Colada and Melon Splash. Hopefully, you select some for your self, they make such a practical gifts. I know I’d appreciate it, so keep in mind, ya sista-gurl , when making that Christmas Shopping List. Thank you Naturalistas