This situation in the world is definitely a challenge, that has caught us all off balance, however the right perspective can help during times like these. I have a graduating senior and thoughts have crept up about the what if’s? What if prom is cancelled, what if graduation ceremony is cancelled? Well to be quite frank, I can’t control any of this, so why am I going to worry? My mind went back to the Chronicles of Narnia, when the children were shipped away to other caretakers than their parents during WWII. The parents sometimes never saw their children again and sadly vice versa. We all live in a world of uncertainty and coldness. I’ve noticed that this has sort of put caring back into humanity. Sort of like during 9/11. People are speaking to each other again in the grocery stores….just a basic “Hello” or “Hi”, just basic courtesy, which seemed to be slipping away daily as this world has gotten faster and faster. Of course, this virus can be quite alarming, but, we can do our due diligence… Back to basics… wash hands, be as clean as possible, pray and to be quite frank trust God. I cannot give my thoughts over to the spirit of fear, because boy its right there knocking at the door all day. So, I’m making a choice to trust that He has a promise to the believer and that is what I’m going to stand on, because there really isn’t much else I or anyone else can do. Everyday the story changes. So through this time, I’m reflecting and thinking on blessings I’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy. I guard my eyes and mind, I look at Amazon Prime to not be bombarded with breaking news. I look at the news on my phone when I’m ready and get off when I’ve had enough just to be informed. Yes, I have toilet paper, no I didn’t buy hoards. I actually bought my normal amount from Costco with my normal toiletries during the first week of the month, like I normally do. So, refuse to accept those fears, I play worship music, I read my Bible and see what God’s people did during troubled times and stand on that. Then watch a movie, enjoy your family, and pray for those infected and for a vaccine, because you are doing the best you can do in a situation like this. Love you