As we continue to live in the midst of corona virus and black lives matter, we don’t want our children to get lost in this summer of being quarantined. So what to do? To be honest its not just the kids, it is us too! How to maintain productivity without being sunk into the daily dredge of bad news. Well, begin with the question ……when things were normal, what were the things you wanted to do but never could squeeze them in? Like reading, cooking, relaxing, watching those movies or Netflix Shows. Maybe always wanted to take up a craft. Walmart’s craft section is booming. For the kids, who are going to be in for the summer because most camps are closed or if open ,you don’t feel comfortable. Pinterest is a great way to begin. Financial literacy is huge one for me. My kids get allowance or should I say used to….now they have a weekly timesheet, which must have a combination of 20 hrs completed to earn their allotments. You can adjust for the ages. Mine are 17 and 14.

And they have a bunch of items that they can put in their blocks which run M-Friday. A few things it teaches is time management, earning money, and work. At first they thought it was all chores, but no, it is everything basically. Washing their hair, refreshing their hair….that takes about three hours, washing dishes, washing their clothes, reading a book, cooking, playing a board game, VIDEO games don’t count…I’m not paying for you to watch YouTube or Play Video Games, if they watch a historical movie like Jackie Robinson 42, Selma, Lincoln, Red Tails, etc, that counts, we encourage Bible Reading Daily to instill this for life, working out, riding their bikes, when they help me with my business it counts, balancing their bank accounts, this is for my college bound mainly but the younger one also, so they turn in their sheets at the end of the week and if they are short we subtract from their money. So far, it keeps them working towards a goal and earning money, with their money they are now responsible for their clothes, shoes, phone cases etc. I mean who gets a check and it’s all yours…..ummm nobody! We are a tithing family so God will always come first and they know that….and they have no issues with it, they pay it through the church app from their accounts. I’m grateful for this plan, you can also add crafts for the little ones, coloring and painting on canvas, supplies are cheap at Walmart again. I also pay $5 for each completed book. I’m doing things to help motivate them and understand “money t’aint free” just to be sure! Like I said Pinterest is a good place to begin for ideas. It’s also a good time to teach those kids how to WASH and cook greens, paint their nails and feet, if they are girls. Just basic self-care since we are quarantined. I want to look back on this time in history and know “I Tried” Lord I Tried to do my best. Love you all. And as always thank you for supporting my business!

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