Rockin’ A Bonnet Gets Healthy Curls

In order to maintain healthy and moisturised hair, you need to go to sleep wearing a satin bonnet or sleep on a satin pillowcase. … In addition, cotton pillowcases have a rough surface, so it tends to grab you hair, which can lead to broken and damaged hair strands. All our bonnets are adjustable and they last! Handcrafted for some serious wash and […]

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Oversized Shower Caps Save The Day

Have you found yourself rushing into the shower, sliding on your shower cap, it is 45′ degrees outside, so you know your tresses better not get wet. After last night’s careful moisturizing and setting your style for today, wet hair doesn’t play. However, diligent you attempt to be in cover your entire curlies, you find […]

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Twist and Curl-Love

Sometimes when I want to elongate my curls I switch it up with the Twist and Curl for moisture retention.  I twist large sections to help stretch the hair and add perm rods on the bottom. I seal with any butter I have on hand from my website.  http://naturalsis72.com/product-category/hair-and-skin/ This helps to seal and give […]

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